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    How can I deactivate lightoom 6.7 from one computer amd move to another new computer?


      I want to move my lightroom program 6.7 from one computer to a new computer. Can I do that and move the catalogue with the photos? I have LR 4, 4.4, 5.7 upgrade and 6.7 upgrade on my HP desktop and recently purchased a laptop on which I downloaded a copy of lightroom. I guess I am allowed LR on two computers. so I have it on the laptop but I want to move it from my old HP desktop to a new DELL desktop.  When I signed in to adobe I downloaded LR to my new desktop but I got a message that I could use it for 30 days but would then have to deactivate the old desktop LR because I have exceeded the allowable number of copies in my contract (two).  The problem is that I have many photos with the HP desktop (my old computer) LR catalogue and I would like to move those over to the new DEII desktop. Can anyone help me figure this out?