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    Flash CS3 would not start after entering invalid font name

      Vista32, Flash CS3 Professional

      While working on an flash CS3 project today I accidentally pasted a long phrase into the “font name” dropdown of the properties panel. this crashed flash and it would not boot up again properly - whenever I went to open any .fla file, I would get the vist “Flash CS3 Has Stopped Working” message. I found a culprit in the registry at:

      computer\HKEY_USERS\[identity string of long numbers]\Software\Adobe\Flash9\TextFontPanel

      The key “Font Name” was set to some long string with likely illegal characters. Changing it to a default of “_sans” allowed flash to boot normally. Hope this helps someone! And as always, the caveat is don't change the registry ubnless you know what your are doing, and even then, back it up first!