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    Media plugin from npm is significantly different from the one in pgb?


      Our app gets the media plugin from pgb but I just learned plugins from pgb won't be accessible after Nov 15.

      So I changed the config file to get the media plugin from npm.   However, I noticed a big difference.

      Using media from pgb, you can preload sound files, and play them without any problem.

      Using media from npm, if you preload multiple sound files, only the last one will be played.


      For example:

      var a = new Media(file1);

      var b = new Media(file2);



      This works with pgb but not npm. 

      It would be a big problem for our app since we need to preload sound files and play them later.

      Could someone advise me why preloading won't work in npm?

      Could the media plugin from npm work like the one from pgb in this regard?