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    Rendering Help


      Hi guys.

      Im kind of new to After effect and need help with rendering.


      So im a Hiphop/Trap Producer and I make beats to put out on youtube, my question however is that when I try to Render out my video which includes audio, a picture layer and a solid layer(Sound wave Spectrum) only the audio shows up in the rendered version but the visuals are not there.


      Even while its rendering in After Effects it shows the wave form moving and it seemd like the video will come out great but when i play back the rendered final version on Windows media player OR Youtube video editor, only the Audio is there.


      Anyone know why the visuals missing after being rendered?


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          Mohammad.Harb MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you play the File on Quick time ..  do yo get the same result ?

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Do you get the picture and not the animation or does it just show up as black?

            Does it look okay if you import it into After Effects?

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              shiran.j Level 1

              In after effects it plays okay....after I render it and try playing it on Windows media player only the audio works, the video is blank.

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                shiran.j Level 1

                it works fine in after effects. The problem occurs after I render it, when i try to play the video in windows media player only the audio works, the visual does not show up.

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  So you bring the video you render out of After Effects back into After Effects and it plays okay? I'm not saying playing your After Effects project back; I'm saying bring the rendered video back into AE and checking it there.

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                    shiran.j Level 1

                    yea i loaded up the rendered file and its working when i play it in after effects.


                    It did take a while to load though.


                    When i play it in windows media player this new message popped up saying


                    "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. One or

                    more codecs required to play the file could not be found."

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                      shiran.j Level 1

                      k  also the sound is messed up when i play it back in after effects the pitch changes and it gets slower at some points...


                      This is so frustrating!

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                        clipsandhandles Level 2

                        Your version of Windows Media Player may not be capable of playing back your MOV. Windows 12 might. Try downloading the newest version if you don't have it.


                        You can also try rendering out another file format instead .


                        AVI will work with Windows Media Player


                        My suggestion.


                        1) Go to the Composition menu and choose - Add to Adobe Media Encoder Render Queue

                        2) This should give it a default MP4 - H264 setting. (if this isn't the default setting choose a youtube preset.)

                        3) Choose your desired output location

                        4) Press the green play button to save it to your computer