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    Corrupt catalog in LR6 on Win10


      Hi all


      I am getting terribly stressed by Lightroom these days as for no visible reason the catalogue got corrupted. I have 10 years of pictures in there.


      What happens:

      • When I close Lightroom the program tries to backup the catalogue
      • I then get an error message saying "Lighroom encountered an error when reading a catalogue file and needs to quit"
      • The program then freezes. I have to force it to close via the Windows Task Manager
      • When I try to reopen it I get the following message: "The last time Lightroom ran, it shut down prematurely due to a problem reading the catalog. Lightroom must check the catalog before proceeding"
      • Then: "The Lightroom catalog "Lightroom Catalog" is corrupt and cannot be used or backed up until it is repaired"
      • Then, after trying to repair: "Unfortunately, the catalog named "Lightroom Catalog" cannot be repaired"


      I've tried several backup versions of the catalog (I have versions dating back to early 2016) and it is always the same problem. It is like just opening the file corrupts the catalog.


      Surprisingly when I just work on a fresh version of the catalog, it works, i.e. I can open / work / close, it works fine. Trouble begins anytime LR tries to backup the catalog, the working version of which then becomes corrupt.


      I've tried to uninstall / reinstall Lightroom, it does not work.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.