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    Watermark disappears the next time I open the PDF

    dooalot Level 1



      No luck so far searching forums for help with this, so I apologize if it has already been answered somewhere.


      I have a few PDFs that my client wants watermarked for proofing purposes. I can add a watermark, set it up to say what I want, set the angle and opacity, etc... apply to all pages and even to multiple documents, no problem. But seems that no matter what I do, the watermark does not save with the document... so the next time I open it, it is completely gone. I'm sure I'm missing some very basic thing, but I've been through all the dialog boxes a few times and cannot seem to find my error. Can anyone enlighten me?


      Thanks for any help,


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          onkesh Adobe Employee

          Hi dooalot ,

          Thanks for reporting the issue.


          We are unable to reproduce the issue at our end and need your help for this.


          I have few questions which will help me look deep into the issue:

          1. What is the version of Acrobat Pro DC that you are using?
          2. What is the OS version of your system?
          3. Can you please share the files you are facing issue with, if not confidential?
          4. Can you provide the exact steps that led to the issue at your end?
          5. Can you please share with us the screenshots or some screen-recording/screen-grab regarding the issue being encountered at your end?



          Adobe Acrobat DC Team


          Getting version of Application (Acrobat DC)

          1. Click on Help menu in application
          2. Click on About Adobe Acrobat DC…
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            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

            Let me add a few more questions:


            Does this happen with all PDF files, or just a few that all come from the same source application, or were produced by the same PDF generator? If you need to test with a very simple PDF file, you can use this: http://khkonsulting.com/files/Sample75Pages.pdf


            Does the watermark disappear when you open the file again in Acrobat, or is gone when you open it in e.g. a web browser or a different PDF viewer? Some PDF viewers may not be able to deal with the watermark that Acrobat adds correctly, so if Acrobat shows the watermark, but e.g. you don't see it when the file is opened in the Chrome browser, then the culprit is very likely the PDF viewer built into Chrome.