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    printing problem-help!


      I'm having the following problem printing on my Epson Stylus r2880:  Often, when printing on a large size paper (letter or 13x9) after having recently printed on a smaller size (4x6), I get a 4x6 size image on the very corner of my larger paper. I use LR on an iMac, I double check all my printer settings, paper size, image size, margins. I have used different printer templates (Maximize Size, Fine Art Mat), and it's still very hit or miss. Epson support says it's a LR issue. I've posted this question on photo blogs, and have gotten different answers, none seem to consistently work. I'm wasting ink, paper and time. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Leo,


          First of all, check your Printer settings in LR's print module by (1) clicking on Printer, (2) clicking Properties, (3) make sure you're on the main page of the print dialog (my Epson 3800 shown) and (4) make sure the paper type and size is correct.




          You can set this as a template, and the printer settings will be remembered. If you change the settings to make a small print, and forget to change back, that could be causing your issue. However, if you save a template, (i.e. 13x9 full page, 4x6 single page, 2 - 5x7 on one sheet, etc) you can click the template and all the associated print settings will be restored for that template.