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    extra large file not allowing page deletion - how to get around issue


      I have a very large file (1.2GB - 20K+ pages) which has greyed out the option to delete pages.   I have Acrobat XI standard, version 11.0.11.

      I have double check and the file is not in view mode, is not in PDF/A mode, and is not a SECURED document, and protected view is off.


      What I am trying to do:  the file has numerous bookmarks which I am trying to maintain for navigation purposes, while trying to chop the file up into more manageable portions.  If I extract pages (which is the only thing its allowing me to do) the bookmarks are lost in the created file.  If I could retain those bookmarks upon extraction, then I don't need an answer to my original question.  Normally I would do a 'save as' with a new name and delete a portion of the file; then go back to the original file and repeat until I've chopped up the original file as newly created smaller portions of it.  I did a "save as" and opened the new saved file and again the new file does not permit the option to delete pages.    I am kind of working on the theory that the file size is hindering the editing ability.


      Any ideas to either delete pages in the newly saved copies, or alternately extract pages while retaining the bookmarks from the original file?