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    Adobe plan still expired after multiple payment update attempts

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      I've been a customer of Adobe for several years, and I've had several payment plans to Adobe, the most recent being a student-teacher plan starting in February of this year. I recently just moved from the US to the UK, and I also switched cards because of it. The card I'm trying to use is a US-based card that I'm using in the UK, making international payments. In the midst of my moving and settling in, my payment plan here ended up expiring, prompting me to try and update my payment plan. Naturally, I tried using the card that actually has money on it - the one I'm using here in the UK. Every time I do this, I initially get the "your payment has been updated and your email will be contacted soon" to find later, that there's no email and when I go back, the page reverts back to telling me to update my plan. I also still can't use any services. I have tried several times to update the plan. Here on Adobe, it says I was charged on the 22nd. It looks like that payment went through on the 24th, as I see that date on my bank statement.




      I have contacted Customer service three times since, the first one telling me to wait 24 hours (which I did), and then the next day (today), to wait 6-8 hours. I did that, then contacted Customer service a third time, with the instructions to try updating my payment plan again, as they refund me. I have tried that, and I'm still finding myself unable to use Adobe Creative Cloud.


      Is there something I need to do? Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? Is it a security issue? I'm completely lost as of now, as to where to go, other than to completely scrap my current account and start a new one.




      Any ideas?



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          Okay, so this was resolved. What nobody told me is that in order to get it to work, you don't click on the link that asks you to update your payment. At this point, the account is suspended, so what you need to do is click on the link under where it says "Adobe Free service" or something along the lines of that. That will then take you to the page where you start a new subscription. You then go through that process, and it will go through.