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    I somehow turned an image layer into a draw layer through transferring files to Illustrator, anyone know how I did it?


      I've come across a very frustrating problem. Using adobe draw, I drew on top of an image layer, what was an object that I made using adobe capture. I then looked at the new image in adobe illustrator, before eventually going back to work in adobe draw. I wasn't paying very much attention to what I was doing because I didn't anticipate that I would need to know exactly what I was doing, but I somehow merged the layers (the object made in adobe capture with what I drew over it). When I opened the project back up in adobe draw, it was all on a singular draw layer that I could paint on or erase without issue. I was not aware that you couldn't paint or draw on image layers...until I started a new project planning to do what I had just done. Now every thread I search, every forum answer says that I should not have been able to do what I did, that image layers cannot be merged or edited in Adobe Draw. Well...somehow when examining my project in illustrator and then going back to Draw, I did and the project is still sitting on my ipad. Anyone have any idea on how to recreate what I did accidentally?