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    Media Encoder Disconnected

    JEH Pro

      Hi there,


      Working on a project with lots of renders. I had the workflow figured out and would batch out a scene worth of shots at a time (about ten shots).


      The attempt on the last batch gave me errors. Everything looks fine in character animator. I export it out to encoder, encoder has the shot their and when I click on the setting to change it, I get this error.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 8.10.44 PM.png


      I've tried:


      1. Closing all applications and restarting computer.

      2. Cleaning Encoders media cache.

      3. Test other character animator project files to see if they still work (they do)

      4. Saving CH Project as (duplicate)

      5. Tried opening CH project on another computer (still doesn't work)

      6. Packing all assets in to project file


      I suspect I was trying to batch some shots too fast and something got written in to the project file that disconnected the link. I feel like the problem is somewhere in these folders.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 8.26.01 PM.png


      Any ideas?


      Thanks y'all.




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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I've sometimes run into Media Encoder issues too - I think some of this will be fixed in the next version. Have you tried:


          1. Instead of File > Export from CH, can you try importing the chproj directly into AME?

          2. Delete the temp.noindex folder? This is a temporary cache file folder that helps with performance. Although I see a temp wav file in there that I would expect in Ch Data instead...hmmm.

          3. Worst case scenario, can you render the PNG + WAV sequence, and then import/render from AE or Premiere?

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            JEH Pro Level 1

            Oh my, the real oksamurai!


            Thank you for all your development, training and promoting around this tool.


            1. It seems to freeze on import, doesn't move from this -


            Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 11.09.15 AM.png


            2. No luck with deleting temp.noindex


            3. PNG sequences will work, we'll just have to find a good batch work flow for processing them, and render animations out one at a time. Luckily CH renders really fast.


            Bizarrely enough we have two animators experiencing the same issues on different machines/networks and the projects are from different rigs/PSDs. We get a few shots in batch rendering with Encoder until it says it can't find source, then we go back to a template project, and go for a couple more shots until it breaks again.


            We'll move forward with the image sequences. Thank you for replying to this and everything else you're doing. Character Animator is great.

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Strange. I'm assuming Media Encoder is also updated to the latest and greatest version? This sort of thing is what I'd only expect to see if it were out of date (AME doesn't understand CH filetypes).


              Well hopefully the PNG sequence thing works. Good luck!

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                JEH Pro Level 1

                Yes, latest and greatest version of AME installed (2015.3).


                PNG sequences will work. We got the workflow nailed down.


                Anyone else that may be bottle necked with image sequences for import in to AE, or for batch transcode of the sequences, we landed on an AE plugin called immigration to easily get all the sequences in to AE with one click, even if the sequences are nested in folders on the Finder level. You can also set the frame rate for all the sequences on import. From there you can setup AE to batch out whatever you need to go to.


                Link to plugin - Immigration - aescripts


                Thanks Samurai,