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    Indesign CS6 crash while starting with opening document

    Udo Fertig

      Hi folks, I have a really big problem with InDesign CS6 and hope to get a hint from this community.


      The problem: When I start InDesign clear, everything works fine. When I try to open a document containing other adobe product-files like .ai or .psd as linked content, InDesign crashes immediately without a concret errormessage. The next clear start of InDesign again crashes, the clear start after this crash-start then works fine again. Some elder files work properly with InDesign, new files also work fine. Exactly the same files, that crash my machine work fine on another machine here in the office. It already worked on my system. So I think it must be a local problem of newer time.


      I tried several things:

      - Using another userprofil -> no effect

      - Reinstall Adobe Creative Suite CS6 -> no effect

      - Update Windows 10 OS, Graphics Driver, Adobe Creative Suite -> no effect

      - Rename folder with the linked files -> took effect -> warning of missing link, relink the files -> systemcrash immediately

      - Deleting presettings -> no effect


      I have the graphics driver in mind to be responsible for the crashes. But I have no idea what I can do anymore.



      Thankful for every kind of help, sincerly

      Udo Fertig