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    Strange image file

    JR_Boulay Adobe Community Professional



      I ran a very strange issue when importing attached image file as a signature in Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Reader, versions DC and XI.


      Go to "Fill & Sign" and try to import this image as a signature: Acrobat will decline arguing that this image is more than 10 Mb… Which is obviously not the case.


      We were several guys to test this file on many config. and in several versions of Acrobat Pro/Reader: answer is always the same.

      Changing this image format (JPEG, TIFF…) and changing its size don't change anything: Acrobat still decline it.

      (This is not my signature, it's the signature of one of my clients' CEO.)


      So we guess that there is a kind of shape recognition, or something like that, that prevent this image/signature to be imported ,but how can we be sure?


      Please, experts and not experts, would you try to import this image as a signature in your Acrobat and let me know the result?

      Thank you.