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    How can I make an official complaint to Adobe UK?


      Unless I'm losing my vision - I cannot see a way of making a complaint on the website. Customer services - non technical contact directs you to an email address - which when answered tells you that it is an unmanned email - useless. Please help.

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Hi Justin,


          There are many cases registered under your Adobe ID regarding the CC for teams. If you can let us know the difficulties being faced by you then we can escalate it further.




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            justinc79823302 Level 1

            CASE NUMBER: 0188295626


            If you look at this Case Number, you will see that we have been having problems with Creative Cloud Teams. This has been going on for over a week !  After several attempts at resolving the issue with online chat we gave up.


            The reason for this was because every session ended in the support assistant disappearing. We were told it was a loss of connection… that can’t be the answer every time, or we were told to restart the computer - which would always result in losing the support assistant again.


            Both of these scenarios would result in having to start a chat session again - and go through the same routine - again.


            So - we decided to start telephoning support as an option. After hours and hours of support assistants removing software - adding software and removing it again… we have been escalated to level 2 - TWICE !


            On both occasions we were promised a call back - which never happened. (Very Very BAD customer care…)


            We were given an email to enquire if no call was forthcoming - which we did - and got no result.


            So our only recourse was to call back again - whereby a support assistant would have to go through the whole routing again - and then say - I’m going to have to get someone to call you back - I’ll escalate your case…


            We are now really tired of this - and don’t expect to pay for CC this month as a MINIMUM, not to mention the amount of work we haven’t been able to do. But - what we would really love to happen is for someone to fix this problem.


            We have been promised a callback today - after a callback for yesterday did not happen. I’m not holding my breath.


            PS - we’ve been a customer of Adobe for over 15 years.


            Also - just out of interest - I have totally failed to find a way of lodging a complaint on your website.



            Very disappointed,





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              justinc79823302 Level 1

              Hello - is there anyone there???


              BTW - the third promised call from yesterday never happened - we are still waiting...


              That now makes it nearly two weeks without InDesign - or any solutions.


              This is pretty bad customer service - I'm still waiting for e a response to my answer some 12 hours later.

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                Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                Hi Justin,


                Following up your issue found that the issue was resolved by you after reformatting & you have been credited some refund too.


                Please let us know if any further assistance is required.




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                  leanneo654321 Level 1

                  I cannot follow the 'contact us' option, as it loops around to chat/calls and I cannot deal with liaising with anymore 'customer service' employees.


                  18 years in IT and I have never, ever, dealt with such utterly abominable customer service.

                  Whether it be chat or on the phone, they are unclear, slow and extremely rude – I’ve had one employee even laugh at me, as they didn’t understanding what I was asking for.


                  The below information was AFTER multiple calls about payment – TO THEM.

                  Extremely unhelpful.


                  I have an InDesign license for my business and I wanted to purchase three Adobe Pro and an additional InDesign – whilst I appreciate other businesses spend more money with them, you would think I was after money from them!

                  I spoke at length (for what felt like the tenth time) on chat about costing.

                  The member of staff ‘Andrew’ was completely incompetent and would not answer questions directly.

                  He said he ‘couldn’t explain it anymore’ over chat (he didn’t explain anything and certainly didn’t answer my question) and asked to call me.


                  I simply asked for the breakdown (including and excluding VAT) for each app, as I needed this information for different parts of the business. He insisted each time I tried to ask for the information, to talk over me and tell me I didn’t read the transcript.

                  I did read the transcript but it did not answer my question – I have a copy.

                  He talked over me and said I should listen to him but he did not understanding what I was asking for.

                  Lots of dialogue and rudeness later, I asked to speak to his manager.


                  Adobe employee: I am the manager.

                  Me: I want to speak to your manager.

                  Adobe employee: I am the manager.

                  Me: I want to speak to your manager.

                  Adobe employee: Why do you want to speak to a manager? What are you going to say.

                  Me: I am simply asking for information, which you are not giving to me. What is the cost of each product, including and excluding VAT.

                  The Adobe employee instantly provides the information.


                  Adobe cannot dispute this, as we record all our calls.

                  This is completely unacceptable.


                  In a day and age where businesses can be ousted on social media for poor service, this sort of behaviour is dangerous and will eventually damage a company’s reputation.

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                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                    What is your point using this 2 years old thread, apparently solved. You should have created a new thread.


                    Now to your complaint: Each time I contacted Adobe, it was via chat and I had a good return. That may not be your experience and I’m sorry for you.


                    As for the pricing information, they can be found easily on the web site (that does not mean, that you should not contact Adobe to get the information, as they want making a sale...).


                    If you still have unsolved problems and you have a case id, let me know, and I will ask Adobe Saff to look into your case.