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    Docked extensions panels blank on startup

    Benobeone Level 1

      Hi wonderful peeps.


      I have two extensions in CC2014 (Windows, most recent update) which I use on a daily basis (Adobe Color Themes and another 3rd party one called Flow)

      because I use them every time I open AE I have their panels docked.


      The problem is that the panels are always blank when I start up AE apart from the title and I have to go into the windows/Extension panel and click on them to get the dialogues to show up.


      Is there a way to prevent this behavior? be it by autoloading the extensions somehow or is this behavior just simply wrong? as it seems peculiar to me that the extensions have a docking function but then have to be manually reloaded each time.


      This is of course is not a horrendous issue just a rather annoying one but if anyone knows how to solve it would make life just a little sweeter.


      Many Thanks