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    Watermarking for instagram


      Hello! Part of my job is watermarking images for Instagram. Originally I was opening up each image in photoshop individually and placing a png of our logo over top and then resaving the image. I was happy to read you could batch-watermark images in Lightroom. The only problem is that in some images the watermark is illegible because of the placement which I had to make as a preset, and I want to edit the placement in certain photos. Is there a way to watermark all photos, but also possible to go through and adjust if needed on certain photos? I am fairly new to Lightroom, so if there is a solution, screen shots would be helpful!


      I watermark about 100 images at a time, so I am hoping there is an option in Lightroom to batch-watermark, but also adjust when needed.


      Thank you for taking your time to read this, I really appreciate any feedback on the matter!

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          No there isn't. The watermark becomes part of the actual image file and can't be moved or edited after it is placed.

          You could do that in PS with a TIFF or PSD where the watermark would be a TEXT layer but then you couldn't post a TIFF or PSD to instagram. Once you flatten the image and save it as a JPG or PNG the TEXT layer becomes part of the actual image file.