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    Key Commands / Short Cuts AE CC 15.3

    FMO AudioVision

      Did i miss something, but after a clean new Install of the latest AE Version most of my Shortcuts don´t work anymore?

      Zooming in the Timeline used be shortcut "+" is now "=" Trimming the Layers, moving or shortening them

      does not work at all.

      Editing the key commands Textfile, seems to change things but not to the shortcuts that i assigned the function to.

      As i use the german Version i am used to alt+Ö,alt+Ä or Ö Ä to move the Layers or adjusting their length.

      I experienced this under Win 10, everything is fine in use under with El Capitan (and bad under Sierra, i know, it´s not supposed be working properly yet).


      thanks for helping out.