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    DVD Codec and mp2


      Hello all.


      I try to rip 5 Clips of an cartoon. The Original seems to be an 9,4 dvd. As i have exported the toon with mpeg2 i got black borders on all sites. If i export to disk i cannot fix the amount of data. itb is allwayxs 9.0 mbits.


      I want to copy the disk into 4,7 but it doesnt work well.


      could someone give me an hint ?


      with an datarate of 4,0 i got a good Datarate if i play the modified Movie but premiere is pushing the datarate up.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          How are you getting the video from the DVD to your computer?


          Is it a commercial DVD? If so, there may be legal issues (and technical issues) that will keep you from duplicating it.


          You can fit about 70-80 minutes of video on a standard 4.7 DVD. You may be able to fit a bit more onto a disc if you reduce the quality -- but it's unlikely you'll be able to fit 2 hours of video on a 4.7 disc.