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    AE Render gets slower as it progresses, HELP!


      Okay, so just this night, I cleared out my mere 1TB hard drive giving it 500gb or so left in space for disk cache. And I also emptied the disk cache in After Effects. But I left my render to work over night, it started out fine doing about a frame a second, but then, as I woke up, and checked AE, it was only 3/4 of the way done. The render estimated only 2 hours, but it had been more than 9 hours and every frame took 10-20 seconds! Could I have any help with this? This has happened in the past.


      Any answers would be appreciated.screenshot.png

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without knowing anything about effects used, render settings and so on nobody can tell you much. Regardless of this, this could be perfectly normal, assuming you use things like motion blur or effects that accumulate multiple frames to do their magic. Such stuff behaves exponentially.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            A lot of effects will progressively slow down the process. A couple of things make me think you are new to video. The first clue is your comp appears to be 60 fps. Unless you have a specific requirement for high frame rate because of the motion in the frame this you are probably wasting time, data rate and file size. It looks like your comp is almost 4 minutes long. Are you editing in AE or is this just one shot? AE is a lousy editing platform, you should be using it to create shots, not movies.


            You have provided only the length of the comp and the frame rate through the screen capture but that's not much to go on. As Mylenium said, there is no way to tell what may be going on without workflow details. You should at least include all of the app window and have the comp selected in the Project panel so we can see what the comp properties. A great deal of my AE work takes ten seconds or more a frame to render because I use AE to do things that I can't do in my NLE, and that's all it use it for.

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              The same thing happens to me when I add CC Star Burst and CC Force Motion Blur to Sound Keys to speed up motion. The rendering becomes really slow at 3 minutes.