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    Keying a green screen problem, please help.

    Iggorr25 Level 1

      Ok so in the pic you can see the problem I am having is that I need to key out just the couch that has the green screen on it. The Thing is that I can not just mask out the couch BTW that works great, because the Vase on the table explodes and the flowers fly up a as you can see in Pic 2 (Plus the Flowers are green). The goal is to key out the couch and use another footage where a guy is sitting on the same couch with no green screen so that I can composite the exploding Vase as if there are in the same scene.... Anyway I can do this? Vase.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, you only have to do the masking or keying for the part of the frame where the vase is. Because there was so little care taken in the photography you will need to do a bunch of hand work and masking to pull a clean key. Personally I would have taken a reference still with the vase on the table, shot the scene without the vase at all, then matched the camera position and lighting and put the table and the vase in a studio with blue background or put a blue flat in the shot to give me something to work with. If a client handed me this shot and they couldn't reshoot it I'd give them a bid of 2 days to fix the shot. If it were properly shot it would take about an hour.

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            Iggorr25 Level 1

            Well this is for a client and they can not re-shoot because they rented a high speed camera so they could shoot this in slow mo. I am not sure what you said how I could get this done, could you maybe give me a few steps?

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You may have to rotoscope a lot of that shot is what he is saying.


              But, since you just want the couch replaced, you won't have to worry about anything except where the vase is shattering at least.


              That being said, good luck.That is probably the worst green screen shot I've seen in a really long time. Not only is it the same color as the vase and flowers, but the color and luminance change on the green is just ridiculous. If they went through the trouble to rent a camera, they should have gone through the trouble to hire somebody to help supervise the shot. It makes me want to cry just looking at it.

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                Iggorr25 Level 1

                Hm ok so I need to roto around the vase? As it shttaers and all the flowers and peaces flying around? I was thinking since I have a plate with the actor on the couch without the greenscreen I could do a VFX explosion of the vase.....

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  It's too bad you didn't think this shot through, and since you've never done something quite like this before, conduct a test.


                  Now you're doing what you should have done in the first place -- put the vase & the table in front of a green (or even better in your case, blue) screen to shoot the explosion.


                  Don't forget to read up on lighting for chroma key -- the subject should be lit separately from the featureless, flat-lit background.  Don't forget about sufficient separation between the subject and the background.  Don't forget that keylight likes its backgrounds a little on the dark side.


                  Shoot the setup before you go blowing things up.  See how the key works.  If successful, THEN you can blow stuff up.  And be prepared to blow it up a couple of times -- you don't know the soft of problems the explosion will introduce into the key.

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                    Iggorr25 Level 1

                    I did not make this shot, I got it like this from a Client, I would have done it a lot better But THX for the advice sandram50613426 who are you writing to?