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    Shape Tweens, Hints keep falling off

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      I had just finished an animation for a game, and used action script to flip it. This is when I realised, the registration point is wildly in the wrong position.

      No problem, I can simply open the movie clip, click "edit multiple frames" and drag and drop the entire thing to be exactly where I want it.

      However, now all the shape tweens have gone crazy. All the hints I had given them before have fallen off in the move. Is there a way to move EVERYTHING (including the hints)? Is this a known bug that will be fixed in a future update? Am I completely misunderstanding the tool, and it's supposed to drop hints off?



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          Update. I reported this as a bug, and received a message that the error could not be replicated. I uploaded before and after files with the error replicated along with more specific instructions on what exactly I did. That was some days ago and I have not heard back since. Hopefully something that will be patched soon.