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    inappropriate content?


      Hi friends!

      Anyone knows what's wrong with my vector images?

      I read the rules, but still can't get why they say it's inappropriate content.

      I would be glad to get any of your advice.


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          katet21106997 Level 1

          Gee, although I'm new to Adobe Stock, I can't for the life of me see anything  inappropriate here. Maybe that's a blanket term the reviewer has used. It's hard to know where to go from here I agree.

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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            I checked these files and found the rejection reason given was "non-compliant." In the notification email you will find several possible factors that could lead to this rejection reason. One of the possibilities is inappropriate content though that is not necessarily the specific reason and clearly does not seem to be so here.


            More often than not, the reason for this rejection reason is with keywords. That appears to be the case with your content as I see a note you wrote stating you had changed them. The keywords look OK now however so I have a question out to the moderation team asking for further clarification.


            I'm sorry for the confusion. You can find additional information regarding rejection reasons at this link: Reasons for content rejection


            Kind regards,


            Mat Hayward

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              To follow up...it was brought to my attention you had listed the language for your keywords as Russian, however you typed them in English. You must use the same language you select in the indexing tool. Please resubmit your images and make sure to use the language you indicate.


              Thank you,


              Mat Hayward

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                katet21106997 Level 1

                Dear Mat,

                Thank you for keeping me up to date. I can’t imagine how ‘inappropriate content’ could apply to a floral design, especially as this particular one has sold more than once on another stock site.

                Good, the keywords seem right. I’ve read the ‘reasons for rejection’, that is no help (sigh).

                Meanwhile I draw new pieces.


                Kate Twohig

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                  katet21106997 Level 1

                  I have re-submitted the work, however English seemed to be correctly nominated as the language.


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                    MatHayward Adobe Employee

                    @Kate, I didn't see your image. I was referring to the OP. What is the image number of the rejected file you are writing about?



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                      MatHayward Adobe Employee

                      I just found your account. It looks like you have submitted the same image 6 times. The rejected copies were refused because the image did not meet our technical standards. Please do not continue to resubmit this image as your account may be flagged and blocked for image spam.


                      I have taken your 3 most recently submitted pending images offline to prevent that from happening.


                      Thank you,


                      Mat Hayward

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                        katet21106997 Level 1

                        Thanks Matt.

                        I don’t know if I should try with a different type of illustration or just forget Adobe Stock altogether.

                        I can’t solve the issue if I don’t know the reason for the rejection. Nowhere to go.


                        Kate Twohig

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                          MatHayward Adobe Employee

                          Hi Kate,


                          It would be ideal if you started your own post in the forum and posted a copy to your image so you can receive constructive criticism from other artists. I would recommend you move on from that particular illustration and create new content to submit. Don't let one rejection get you down. Heck, I have personally had more than 3,000 images rejected in my portfolio. It is a part of the process without a doubt.


                          Hang in there and give it another try with a different image.


                          -Mat Hayward

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                            Eulippia Prime Level 1

                            Let me encourage y ou to continue to draw and continue to submit.  I originally wrote a lot more than what follows, but it got lost in some kind of crash.


                            I am 56, and have been shooting off and on (when I could afford to replace broken or stolen cameras) since about age 16.  I have been shooting continuously since the mid 90s and digitally since 2005.  I was going to start marketing my pictures in 1998, but was scared off when a critic at some type of hobby site called my work as boring and "journalistic".  I let one opinion stop me - until this year.  I did not stop shooting.  I just never did anything with my work.  I have let similar opinions hinder me musically (I compose and play sax and percussion).


                            On the music, I am just clearing my daytime schedule to start recording and mastering and releasing.


                            On the photography, I have launched two efforts.  I am submitting my work to repositories like Adobe Stock.  I am also getting prints made for sale on various websites and at local brick-and-mortar venues.  The latter is moving more slowly.  Here, I have submitted more than 200 images.  Only 18 have been selected.  One has sold.  Music and stock photography are similar in that the more you create and submit, the more will be seen and purchased.  The more your work is seen and purchased, the more it is seen and purchased.  My favorite example comes from music.  Quincy Jones composed a song in 1969 called Blue Soul Bossa.  I guess it did well then, but unless you are a real jazz afficionado, you probably never heard of that name.  However, more than thirty years later he made a few more million dollars (at least) in royalties when it was used as the theme for the Austin Powers movies - the end of the first of which he conducts an orchestra performing it on camera.


                            All of this is to encourage you to not stop creating, to not stop submitting.  I look at my rejected work here to see if it is something subjective or something technical.  I can fix or prevent spots, dust and focus issues.  I can work to prevent framing and depth of field and other technical things.  I cannot fix or prevent subjective issues like commercial or artistic interest.  Sometimes even some technical issues are subjective in that what to the moderators are technical issues are problems understanding my technique.  I use the critique from the rejections as motivation to improve my technique and the quality of my product.


                            I hate doing this myself, because it is hard to not take constructive critique personally.  You put your all into every piece.  Then someone had the audacity to tear it apart.  Sometimes our creative peers can be brutal, but once you get past how they say to what they are saying you will find much that is useful in your craft.  I have done this, and even told the other photographers that they should consider how they say good stuff.  They took this critique and gave me a lot more to work with, without the offense from how they said it.




                            Sorry to be so long-winded, but I just want to encourage you to keep learning, keep creating, keep submitting, keep honing, keep perfecting.


                            In the original version of the movie Sounder the main character's father says this, "You get some of the time what you go after.  You get none of the time what you don't go after."  I did not watch this movie until my adult years, but I have kept these words with me.

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                              katet21106997 Level 1

                              Thank you for your input, of course you are absolutely correct. I have gotten over my cry-baby moment and submitted another design.