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    ADE 4.5.2 Hangs in Win 10

    tevind13168009 Level 1

      Just installed ADE 4.5.2 and started having issues immediately with book borrowed from my public library.

      I've uninstalled it twice and tried to reinstall, but experience the same issue.

      it seems hand and not let me do anything


      Any suggestions?

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          Nanaky Level 5

          You are used which operating system?

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            Windows 10, which I have been using successfully with ADE and the ereader

            although I did update Windows 10 a couple of days ago.

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              Nanaky Level 5

              Has you check if older version of DIgital Edition work? (3.0)

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                janetc75571095 Level 1

                Yes, I tried ADE 3 and that behaved exactly the same as 4.5.2. That is, it

                doesn't work either.

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                  Nanaky Level 5

                  Has you both version install on the same device to the same time? That not right work.

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                    janetc75571095 Level 1

                    No, I deleted each version before I installed the alternative. That is, I

                    deleted 4.5.2 to install 3.0.

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                      Nanaky Level 5

                      3.0 makes no problem under my Windows 10. That is strange. Has you try right click on Digital Edition and run as admin?

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                        janetc75571095 Level 1

                        That didn't work either.

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                          tevind13168009 Level 1

                          OK folks ... got it to work.

                          Uninstalled ADE's then manually searched and deleted all remnants including book etc.

                          Then did a registry search and manually deleted all reference to the product [backed up full registry first].

                          Then rebooted and did a clean product install.


                          Now it works as expected  .. case answered and closed 

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                            Are you saying you had to delete the copies of the ebooks saved on your computer in order to reinstall ADE and get it to work? I've got hundreds of ebooks on my computer so I'm hesitant to go this route, but can't get ADE to open on my computer for the last seven days...

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                              tevind13168009 Level 1

                              OK  .. I see where you’re coming from so let me fully explain why my solution worked for me and why you may need to modify it for yourself.


                              First we need to understand the use case.  I use ADE solely for borrowing books from my local public library. Borrowed books incorporate DRM together with a time limit that the books can be read.  For books that I own (purchased) I use Calibre for E-book management as it is richer and more flexible in that it allows for the incorporation of notes and reviews plus other proprietary information it also allows for the creation of my own publications with a built in epub editor. This is not meant to be a review of the pro and cons of either product but rather an explanation of the use case.


                              As such, once books are returned to the library or the permitted DMR time limit has expired the books are of no use because they can’t be read.  Deleting them from the ADE Library still leaves remnants within the install directory and the target directory for saved books.  Just uninstalling ADE leaves those Remnants.  The manual elimination will remove all.  In your case, I would copy your library to a separate directory not associated with ADE to preserve them.  One caution, if you purchased books came with DRM you should check with your source supplier about the feasibility of re-downloading.


                              Once this is accomplished and you have fully backed up your library you will need to back up your registry before you attempt to manually
                              modify it.  The reason a registry modification is necessary is that the Adobe uninstall does not fully uninstall registry components.  To be fair I don’t even know if this step is necessary but I did it because of past history with Adobe products.  They have a “Clean Uninstall”
                              utility but I was too lazy to look for it and didn’t know if one exists for this product.  I wanted to get as close to a clean installation as possible with as little iteration as possible.  Therefore, I opted for overkill.


                              I worked for me and I hope this gives you insight into my rational so that you can make a procedural value judgement for your case.

                              Good Luck

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                                janetc75571095 Level 1

                                I've done all this, reinstalled ADE and when I download the EPUB files from the library, they show in my "downloads". When I went to move the files in my file explorer to ADE (because this doesn't seem to happen automatically) I got "Error: Check activation". so, I then reauthorised my computer and ereader for ADE and FINALLY have been able to transfer the books to ADE and into the ereader. It seems that "activation" and "authorization" mean the same, although I did not initially assume that.

                                I don't know if agreeing to accept the Norton antivirus software (which I really didin't want to do because they are so hard to get rid of) was critical or the finding the numerous .acsm and .epub files was the key. However, many thanks to all helpers.

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                                  aaaaaaaaaudra Level 1

                                  Thank you for the detailed explanation -- it makes sense, and I'm *gulp* going to give it a try!

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                                    tevind13168009 Level 1

                                    This utility might be useful

                                    https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/kb20080710133834EN_EndUserProfi le_en_us

                                    Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product

                                    Norton Removal Tool uninstalls all the Norton products from your computer. You can use Norton Removal Tool to remove a failed installation or a damaged Norton product.

                                    After you run the Norton Removal Tool and restart the computer,download and reinstall the Norton product from your Norton Management portal. If you need help accessing Norton Management, read I want more help with Norton Management.

                                    Norton Removal Tool works only on Windows.

                                    For Mac products,
                                    Uninstalling your Norton product for Mac.

                                    Download and run the Norton Removal Tool

                                    The Norton Removal Tool uninstalls Norton AntiVirus, Norton
                                    Internet Security, Norton 360, and Norton SystemWorks from your computer.

                                    1. Download the Norton Removal Tool.

                                    Save the file to the Windows desktop.

                                    1. On the Windows
                                      desktop, double-click the Norton Removal Tool icon.
                                    2. Follow the on-screen
                                    3. Restart your computer.

                                    Your computer may be
                                    restarted more than once, and you may be asked to repeat some steps after the
                                    computer restarts.