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    Confused with variables and advanced actions

      I am trying to create an action that jumps to slide after last visited slide. I use this sequence to take the user to a generic slide which ash him if he is sure to advance manually in the lesson. Please follow the next example:
      a) In slide 4 the user clicks over a button to advance to slide 5.
      b) Instead of that, I take the user to slide 2 where he answers if he is sure that he wants to go to next slide manually.
      c) If he cancels, he returns to slide 4. No problem using last visited slide.
      d) If he accepts he must be carried to slide 5.

      I am having problems developing the action. I defined a variable that hold the last visited slide when the user exits from slide 4. The I tied to move him from slide 2 to 5 adding 1 to the variable and using nextSlide = cpCmndGotoSlide. But it seems something is wrong.

      Can somebody help me?