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    Custom Google Search Under Website Graphics


      First things first... I'm a newbie.  Our web guy got fired and the task of website maintenance has fell on me.


      See image below.   I've been trying to figure this out all day and still can't get my custom google search results to show above my website content.  My custom search is placed in the footer of the master page and for the time being since I have this problem I have limited it to the support pages.   You can view the site at Support

      Eventually I'd like this on all pages, but I just can't seem to figure out HOW to fix this issue so that the google search results are ON TOP of all graphic elements.


      Google has told me the following: "The issue here is GSS search styles are being overridden by your site script and CSS. You may also verify the same by creating a sample test page with GSS default code only without using your own style sheets and javascripts and check whether you are able to reproduce the issue or not.You need to modify your CSS style which is overriding over the GSS style code in order to resolve the issue. Please check if there are any common styles implemented or any other CSS that conflicts with GSS code."


      The problem is... I don't know HOW to do this in Muse.