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    Deregistering devices


      I didn't realize there was a limit on registering devices and I'm now out of activations with an e-reader needing to be registered.  Theoretically Adobe can deactivate some devices for you (“Activation limit reached” or “Sign-in failed” error ) but I when I tried to do that via the chat support I was told, "Adobe does not currently offer chat-based technical support for Adobe (Digital Editions/Access Books)."

      Has anyone had any success in getting old devices' authorizations deregistered so something new can be registered?

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          I have similar issue. I'm trying to authorise my kortext account on digital editions app on my tablet and when I put my details error occur with too many activations can someone help how to resolve this

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            Nanaky Level 5

            You are by Chat on the right place. Some person of the chat support its seems not right work. You must aks directly ask for reset of activation of adobe ID. Then its works.

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              I have the same issue. The 'bluefire reader' app on android says I've activated on too many devices. I can't remember which devices so I can't deactivate myself. And there is NO list of activated devices on the web in my account (adobe id).


              The chat will not help me. I explained everything and asked them to just deactivate all devices, but they just send me here (the forums).


              So I'm still stuck. Please help.

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                Nanaky Level 5

                Has you exactly work for reset adobe ID?
                Same app have a own activation limit. Adobe Support can only help when you get error message E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS for aller other errors must contact the support of the app.