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    InDesign CC (2015) Crash on Document Close

    rterryspartan Level 1

      Upon closing an open document (Ctrl + W), and selecting "Yes" when asked if I'd like to save the document, InDesign crashes 100% of the time. It also frequently crashes when closing a document and selecting "No". Also possibly worth noting is the fact that when I launch InDesign initially by double-clicking an InDesign document, my custom workspace always fails to appear. It shows that this workspace is active, but none of the panels are where they should be. I then have to click "Reset ____ Workspace" to get the panels to appear.


      I have reset preferences using every method numerous times. I have analyzed every installed font to make sure none of them are corrupt. I have fully uninstalled every Adobe program, run the Creative Cloud Cleaner, and reinstalled numerous times. I have manually deleted recovery files, and I have disabled "Always Save Preview Images with Document". I am running Windows 10, and all of my CC programs are up to date. The files I am working with are saved on a network drive, because it's 2016. I have no installed plugins. I have never had this issue with a prior version of InDesign, and unfortunately due to needing one of the new features of InDesign CC 2015, rolling back is not an option.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated (except the kind where an Adobe rep chimes in saying "Well you should only work with files saved locally" and I say "I've been doing this for years with no problems, and that's an utterly ridiculous piece of advice"). Thanks!