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    Sync in LR with "Process Version" box checked?

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      Have a PC and several older versions of LR stored on my computer.  Spent numerous hours retouching cropping and doing minor image enhancements on a set of about 150 portraits over a 4 day period.  Last step in the post-processing procedure was to sync "post-crop vignette" settings to all portraits in the set.


      When the sync window appeared, the "process version" box was checked with the warning message - "Settings that do not specify a process version may produce different visual results when they are transferred to photos with a different process version applied."  To my recollection, this message had never appeared in the past and the "process version" box had never been checked by default (nor had the "process version" option ever been a previous consideration), - but the warning seems to imply that I had indeed used another version of LR to enhance the photos (at least in part, during the 4 day post-processing period) and now want to use yet another version to sync the post-crop vignette settings.


      (This may have indeed occurred, however, as I had accidentally "kicked the plug" on my computer at one point during the 4 day period.  Upon restart, I may have been unwittingly thrown into an older version of LR still on my computer. Unfortunately, was wearing headphones, listening to loud music at the time, and didn't hear warning signal from power protector unit.)


      In any event, here's my concern:  Is there any problem with syncing the vignette settings while leaving the "process version" box checked?  ...regardless of what version the photos were post-processed in (completely or in part).


      Right now, I am not as much concerned with how or why the issue arose, as I am with whether I can move forward with the syncing (in view of the "process version" admonition) without jeopardizing the integrity of the post-processed photos; i.e., syncing vignette settings with the "process version" box checked without adverse consequences.


      I would be grateful for any advice, as I am concerned about the possibility of sabotaging hours of retouching on this set of portraits.


      Just looking for some reassurance before moving forward...


      Many thanks.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's difficult to know what factors are in play in this situation. Primarily because you indicate that you have several different versions of Lightroom and you haven't indicated how all of these images have been edited Including  version numbers. I suggest that you highlight and synchronize two images and evaluate the results. If it doesn't work you can undo that synchronization.  If it does work then you can go ahead and synchronize the rest.

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            Hi Jim,


            Thank you for your response.


            Your suggestion is probably the best way to proceed.  However, I am not that confident in my ability to discern (perhaps) subtle differences in the (sample) photos before and after syncing.


            To simplify the issue, let me just ask:  What is the purpose of checking the "process version" box in the sync window before syncing?


            Across a set of photographs to be synced, if post processing adjustments were applied within two different versions (say, LR4 and LR5), would there be any possible risk to the adjustments already made if the "process version" box were checked when syncing?


            In a similar vane, assuming that all post processing adjustments were made across all photos within the same LR version (regardless of which version), would there be any possible risk to the adjustments already made if the "process version" box were checked when syncing?  (same LR version throughout)

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Process version has no reference to differences between Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5. It has reference to process version 2012 or version 2010, which is controllable through the  camera calibration section in the develop module.  Many of the controls were different  in process 2010.  And if you have  images that were edited under process 2010 there could be significant changes if they were updated to process 2012. It is possible to switch between process versions in Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, and Lightroom 6. Some people prefer to leave images that were edited with the older process version in that version. I don't think post  crop vignetting is going to be affected by different process versions, but you will have to try. Process 2012 changed some of the basic adjustments, and the general consensus is that the newer process version provides much better control.


              For comparison, here are the basic controls under process 2010:


              And here are the basic controls under process 2012:


              The changes might seem subtle and insignificant at first. But the newer version is much better.

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                BH888@aol.com Level 1

                Thank you for taking so much time to explain the issue in detail and help me resolve it.


                A large part of my problem, however, is that I am not as computer savvy as I should be, and consequently, have difficulty understanding the underlying implications of your comments.


                The only reason that this has become an issue for me is that, for the first time, the "process version" option within the sync window was checked by default with the admonition - "Settings that do not specify a process version may..."  Since the "process version" option was never a consideration with prior syncing, I can only assume that I was indeed thrown unwittingly into a different version of LR after I had that unexpected shut down from a power outage.


                My concern is not whether the vignette settings will render optimally after syncing the vignette settings across the set of photos.  Rather, I am concerned about whether or not I would be jeopardizing the hours of image enhancements I made, depending on whether or not the "process version" option within the sync window is checked.


                Since I was not aware of being in a different version of LR4 if or when it happened, I cannot say, in retrospect, which version was specifically involved.  However, it is probably one of the versions of LR4 still on my computer.  Looking at the screen shot of the interfaces you provided above, I am virtually certain that in all cases, I was using the 2012 process version.  (Yet, I am puzzled why LR evoked the "process version" option by default when I was setting up the sync.)


                To make matters more confusing, whenever I load LR-5.7 from my desktop icon, the LR-5 logo/mini window appears temporarily and then the LR interface appears with the loading of the app. BUT in the upper left area of the LR window, it says LR-4.2, even though I evoked LR-5.7 from the LR-5.7 desktop icon.  It has always occurred this way, and unfortunately, I never attempted to resolve this anomaly.  So, during the time I may have used a different version of LR for post processing this set of photos, I may, during this rare occasion, have been within LR-5.7.  When I have recently loaded LR-5.7 through a circuitous manner, however, I noticed that none of the photos in the photo set in question are in the LR-5.7 catalogs; not even the photo set rubric is listed.  I don't know if that has any importance regarding the issue of concern.


                Your original suggestion to "run a test" is certainly the most reasonable way to approach the problem.   If you don't mind one last naive question, however, to get at the heart of my concern and my search for a quick solution, if there is one :  Any enhancements made to the portraits involved adjustments in exposure, blacks, clarity, cropping tool, healing tool, & brush tool.  If I should sync the vignette settings in LR-4.2, which I believe is the highest version of LR used, would these individual image adjustments and enhancements render as I view them now on the monitor after syncing the vignette settings?  Or might the individual image adjustments render differently?  Again, I'm reasonably certain that, in all cases, I was using the 2012 "basic controls" graphic that you provided in your recent response.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The process version option in the sync window seems to be on by default. At least that is how it is on  my computer. If you synchronize images and they have been processed using different process versions there "could"  be undesired changes  made during the synchronization process.  You could go to the calibration tab in the develop module and highlight each image. You will be able to see in that tab what process version was used.  If you find that different process versions were used then you might want to uncheck the process version in the synchronization options. In this particular situation, it seems to me  that the quickest thing to do would be to go through and highlight each image  to determine what version was used. If there are some that were processed under an older version then you will have to decide whether you want to change that and make necessary adjustments. Another thing you could do  is uncheck all choices and then just chooe  post-crop vignetting as the only  setting to be synchronized.


                  Another thought is that if you  are holding onto that many versions of Lightroom then you really need to examine your shortcuts closely  that you use to start the programs.  You say that you started Lightroom  5.7 but it says in the upper corner that you are using  4.2. That cannot happen. If you have Lightroom 4.2  loaded and are using it, then  the shortcut you are using  is for the older version. I see no reason to keep all those previous versions of Lightroom installed. You must have some compelling reason to do so. But as you have described your problem it is obvious that having  so many different versions installed is the root of your problem.

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                    BH888@aol.com Level 1

                    I believe there was a revealing nugget of information in your most recent response that indicates that I may not have explained the issue clearly enough and that your parenthetical remark may suggest a quick resolution of the sync issue; i.e., syncing vignette settings without jeopardizing the integrity of other image adjustments already made.  Specifically, my intention is to sync only the vignette settings across the set of portraits; i.e., to check the post-crop vignetting option as the only setting to be synchronized.  All other adjustments would be left unchecked during the sync set-up, as they were made on an individual image by image basis and would apply only to those particular images, - not to the entire set.


                         "Another thing you could do is uncheck all choices and then just choose post-crop vignetting as the only setting to be      synchronized."


                    It seems that you're suggesting within the context of your reply that, regardless of the process versions used to make image by image adjustments, syncing only the post-crop vignetting would have no possible adverse effect on those various adjustments made to individual images.  Yes?   If so, it seems that, now, there would be no reason to examine each image for "process version" after all, given that my intention is to sync only one post-crop vignetting setting across all photos in the set.


                    I will need to double check, but the "process version" option may be "locked" by default.  If the "process version" option stubbornly remains checked in the sync window, is there any problem in proceeding as you suggested above?  If it is not "locked," however, would it, nonetheless, be preferable to simply leave that option checked when syncing, - in view of the fact that I virtually always sync only post-crop vignetting and no other adjustments?


                    Unlike your own LR application, my LR application never defaulted to the "process version" option.  Now, after the loss of power and subsequent reboot, however, my application has mysteriously and suddenly begun selecting the "process version" option by default.  I had concluded that there was a specific, immediate reason for LR doing this.  But now that you've mentioned that your application always defaults to the "process version" option,  perhaps there was no real reason for mine doing so too, - other than the application becoming indignant over its loss of power and vindictively creating confusion for me by changing the "process version" option to default.


                    With regard to moving forward with the syncing process, have I drawn the proper conclusions from your comments?


                    Incidentally, only compelling reason for retaining those older versions of LR has been "procrastination."     Should have uninstalled the outdated versions long ago.

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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I don't  believe anything has changed  in post-crop vignetting.  So if you  uncheck everything  and then just pick that one option  then that is the only  option  that will be synchronized. I don't know that  process version  is on  by default.  It could be that since  you experienced that power failure  your default settings for your camera could have changed.  You might want to  check  your default settings on a  newly imported image before  you perform any work on it and see  what  process version is selected. If it's different then I would suggest that you change it to process 2012  and  then save the new defaults.. In all the time that you have been deliberating  and asking questions  it seems to me the you could have tried synchronizing two images with only the post-crop vignetting selected and you would know  what would  happen.

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                        BH888@aol.com Level 1



                        Synced the post-crop vignetting settings with "process version" boxed check a couple of times now, and everything worked out fine; no adverse consequences.


                        Thank you for taking the time to help resolve my questions over this issue.


                        Best regards.