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    Please help!

      Ok, here the deal. Using director and flash, Ive created a module that displays various types of content, one of which are flv files. All items in my project work when run locally from my machine. As soon as I try to run it over an intranet, the flv files dont load. There is a connection to the intranet and, using windows explorer, I can navigate to the files on my machine.
      The flv file can be played over the intranet using a standard free-be player but the swf file wont load it.

      The only difference is that instead of feeding it a local path, such as:

      Im using a network path, such as:

      What am I missing here?
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          Can anyone help me?
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            OK, anyone who has had this problem, here's a quick fix.

            You must copy the flv file to your local machine into some temp folder and then feed your swf file (which contains the FLV Playback object) the local path of the file into a variable used for the FLV's contentPath property.

            For some reason, flv's dont like to load over an intranet. This function above worked for me. Be aware, all my code for copying the flv file to a local directory was done in director, not flash. I'm not sure how to write the code in flash, but some of these guys here, as well as the Flash Help file, should be of some assistance.