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    Exporting PDF w/images within body into excel




      I'm trying to export a Purchase Order into excel for easy uploading... the only problem is, the word "PURCHASE ORDER" that's embedded within the body of the PDF is also getting exported and it's becoming a chore to have to format the excel document after every upload.


      I'm only in the 7 day trial for Adobe Acrobat DC - if I purchase this, will this issue continue to be a problem for me?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The trail version of Acrobat CD Professional is exactly the same as the purchased version. In fact, if you purchase the program, you only add the registration code you receive from Adobe and do not install any different program.


          Are the words "Purchase Order" a field name or field value.


          Unfortunately ADBC, Adobe Data Base Connectivity, has been removed from Acrobat and Reader.


          It might be helpful if you could post a link to a sample form that has this problem.


          When dealing with variables or strings with special characters like spaces, one needs to pass the values in quoted strings and that may require the addition of the JavaScript Escape character to inset the quotation marks within the string.


          Acrobat DC SDK Documentation