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    Excel Data to InDesign catalog


      Hello, I have troubles and you can help me i think !!


      My colleague make a catalog with InDesign where she has 1000 adresses and informations about gites to insert.

      We receive an excel table with the informations how do we can insert automatically the excel field in the InDesign mock-up / model ?


      Thank you so much for you future help !!!!

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on the layout project but you have basically 3 options:


          1) Datamerge

          Will be fine if you have a very static and iterative structure given that you turned your excel into CSV first


          2) XML

          This one is less obvious as it would imply turning your excel into XML.


          3) EasyCatalog

          Will be the most robust and smooth solution but also the expensive one compared to the two first ones.


          Once again it depends mostly on the layout project.





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