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    Fiery Print Settings being lost

    mitchmizerie Level 1

      The setup:

      - I am using Windows 7 Professional with Adobe CC 17 installed (latest version)

      - Printing to a Sharp Copier Model MX-7500 with a Fiery Print server attached

      - Using the most recent Fiery Drivers I can find.

      - Fiery Command Workstation loaded on both the Fiery server and my desktop


      The Problem:

      Whenever I print from Indesign The Fiery driver loads and I select my print options. Things such as Booklet Printing, Staples, Folding, 2 sided, setting the document to Hold instead of printing directly, etc etc. The issue is that as soon as I hit print ALL of the settings I selected in the print driver disappear! The job just starts shooting out of the copier as single sided sheets on plain paper. This is a waste of paper and a waste of time for me. In order to get the proper settings I must interact with Command workstation, cancel the job that was mid-print and then change the properties of the job at the Fiery in order for it to print with all of the settings I need. This started happening right around the time I upgraded to Adobe CC 15. Previous versions to my knowledge are unaffected.


      The troubleshooting and research steps I have taken:

      - Installed Adobe CC on another computer with the same operating system and with the same drivers. Issue still occurs

      - Had a Sharp technician come out and check the machine and update firmware. Issue still occurs

      - Reinstalled Fiery drivers. Issue still occurs

      - Printed documents out of other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Email, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. Issue does NOT occur

      - Had a Sharp technician print to the Fiery with their laptop and from the Adobe CS6 suite. Issue does NOT occur

      - Changed many driver settings such as adjusting printing defaults and toggling the settings for bi-directional support. Issue still occurs.

      - Simply browsing the internet I have found some vague examples of this happening on other copiers such as Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta. So I do not want to point a finger at the Sharp device in this case.


      The work around:

      Anytime I want to print from InDesign that requires any change to print settings I must first export the document to PDF first and print from Adobe Acrobat/Reader. This is time consuming in a production environment especially when a single document may need dozens of revisions before final prints are approved.



      I have narrowed this down to being a communication issue between the Fiery Driver and the Adobe Print engines. I do not know if this issue occurs out of Photoshop or Illustrator because I very rarely use those applications. Without any contacts to EFI/Fiery I have decided that this is probably the best avenue to get some answers.


      I would like to know if anyone else has seen an issue similar to this or if it has been reported by other folks before. Thanks for your help.