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    Apply Print Mark or Watermark when publishing to SmugMug

    Michael Ramsey

      I am using Lightroom 5. I would like to apply my logo as a print mark to photos I publish to SmugMug Publishing Service directly from Lightroom. I prefer not to export photos first as JPGs to my hard drive or other media to apply the print mark.


      Here is my work flow. Make all necessary edits in Lightroom to my raw (DNG) files. Create a new gallery in my SmugMug Publishing Service. Copy the desired edited photos to the created gallery in the Publishing Service. Publish to SmugMug.


      At some point in this work flow, I would like to apply my logo to the photo as a print mark (in the lower right but position is not important to this discussion) not as a watermark but to identify it as my photo when printed. Does anyone know how this step can be injected in my current work flow to accomplish this?


      Thanks in advance!