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    Error in script placing images from Bridge into After Effects

    emdiar Level 1


      After Effects

      Windows 10


      I'm right-clicking on images in Bridge and selecting Place > After Effects 13.8 from the pop menu. I'm getting a runtime error on line 114 of the script aftereffects-13.5.jsx. The error message is "Object of type String found where a Number, Array or Property is needed." The line in question is meant to concatenate a string fragment onto a string that was explicitly created earlier. It is in a function that is building a string to represent an array to contain the file URIs.


      The function containing this line looks like it has other errors as well (the string it's building to represent the array looks like it would have a comma before any elements for example).


      This is not a script I've written, this is bundled either with Bridge or After effects, I'm not sure which.


      Is there a solution or workaround? I don't use Bridge much, but it would sure be helpful if it worked properly in my current workflow.


      I'll try to report this as a bug too.