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    Upright Tools are not straightening like they should.


      I have the updated version of CC and I've been noticing more and more that the Upright tool doesn't want to work properly after each update. I've been having to manually straighten photos because using the upright tools don't want to straighten correctly or doesn't straighten at all.  There are straight lines present in the images when using the tool so I know It's should be using one or others but still likes to go more diagonal.


      It also has been making images very crooked when using image processor to make JPGS from RAWs. Leaving white space around crooked / tilted images. I've been having to go back and remove Upright on each image affected. Most of the time the RAW images will not display as crooked until they have been processed and I need to go back and fix them.


      Is there a way to reset the Upright Tool? Or will this feature be fixed in the future update?

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          P Moloney Level 1

          That's very interesting Estelia,

          I have given up using the Transform too for straightening for the following reasons...

          I make all my corrections in ACR including much use of the adjustment brush.

          (The adjustment brush becomes unusably slow if I add sharpening & noise reduction BEFORE using the brush)

          Then by way of a preset, I add some sharpening and slight noise reduction.

          However IF I have used the transform tool and then add my sharpening preset it un does  the transformation during process.

          If however I sharpen and then transform it is ok.

          So I have all but given up on what should be a great tool!

          Just my experience - and hope I've explained it!