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    Flash CS4 Crash issue HELP!

      I'm not sure I'm supposed to put this here but... I have a horrible CS4 crash issue. What happens is I open flash, make my document, and then when I want to save it won't let me use the toolbar(File, Edit, etc.) it just sits there! Out of desperation I close flash, It asks me weather I want to save first I save it, and then it exits, I want to see my file, but it wasn't saved! And if I try to open flash again, it says it's not a valid Win32 application, I have to restart my computer to get it to work again. Very annoying. Apparently it prevents me from opening Windows task manager as well. If I wait a few minutes I can open task manager again. And flash apparently Flash becomes a win32 application as well, but when I try to open it, For a few seconds there's plenty of hard drive activity, and then the process closes. :(