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    Kobo transfer

    janetc75571095 Level 1

      I have been trying to transfer digital library books to my kobo since I completed the latest upgrade to Windows 10 - yesterday! I have tried everything, used the "Patch" suggested by Kobo, reset the e-reader, rebooted all the systems. all to no avail. Yesterday, I could not connect the e-reader to the internet at all, but today I can do that. This is the screen message I get:

      I have been through the borrowing process just the way I normally do, and I have not encountered this message before now.

      Where can I now get help?

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          Nanaky Level 5

          You Digita Edition and your Reader authorize with the same Adobe ID?

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            How can one verify the adobe ID when you're using Digital Editions?  When I click on preferences, the only option I see is regarding automatic downloads.   After downloading the Library book via Overdrive and moving it to D.E., copying it to the Kobo, the 5.9KB book appears in my Kobo books but when I attempt to open it, the the response is that it couldn't be opened "document protected by Adobe DRM" and is not currently authorized for use with your adobe ID. Please sign in with the authorized Adobe id and try again."   This happened again even after deleting the book, de-authorizing and reauthorizing the device, and moving the file as a new file into D.E.


            Thank you

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              janetc75571095 Level 1

              Hi John

              what I had to do was delete EVERY ADE file on my computer (which was not that easy. I seemed to have odd shell files (or that is what I - as a digital immigrant would call them). When I started to use ADE I did not have my downloads and files well organised and the files were sometimes in downloads or there were files that I could not open of books I had already returned or which had expired. So I used explorer to find all these files.

              I deleted all the ADE programme, install and execute files. I then downloaded ADE and reinstalled it, and hey presto - it has been working perfectly since.

              I was unsure of whether I had a ADE problem or Overdrive, or a Kobo or a library problem, but now it is working the way it should do, I realise it was an ADE problem.

              I hope this helps.