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    Images within my PDFs do not display correctly in OS Sierra Preview app


      Since I updated my Mac to OS Sierra, I am seeing that many of my PDFs (created from my InDesign CC) have problems where several of the images display with some colors inverted or just wrong colors. These same PDFs display fine in Acrobat Pro/Reader. I confirmed that others see the same in their Preview app on OS Sierra for these PDFs.


      It seems like an Apple Preview app issue, but does anyone know if there are some InDesign CC - Export to PDF settings that might alleviate this? In most cases, the images that have the problem are color EPS images (created within Illustrator CC), but most images are fine and only some of the EPS images within the document are affected (even though all are similar in size, color, transparency, size, etc.). Currently all my EPS images are RGB - I did try changing the problem ones to CMYK but no difference.


      Any ideas?