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    Syncing Lightroom libraries between two locations


      Hello all,


      Perhaps some of you can make some suggestions for the following Lightroom 6 CC library situation.


      I have a Lightroom library with an external drive in Germany and one with a separate external drive in the US.

      Moving catalogue files via another separate external drive has proved to be a rather complicated process.

      What is the best method for me to keep both libraries up to date. Sync the catalogue files via Dropbox through the cloud? What about keeping edited images up to date between both setups?


      So again, two separate LR library environments with their dedicated external harddrives. And another smaller external drive for traveling between these two locations.

      How to best keep both in sync.


      Thank you in advance for any help on this.

      I have reviewed many videos online as well as contacted Adobe however I am receiving conflicting info.


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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can't say I travel between continents, but I do keep work and home machines/catalogs synchronized.


          I do this with file synchronizing software, and an external that I bring with me - not a small one, but a large capacity drive that contains all the image files as well as the catalog.


          This doubles as a very secure backup regime, three copies of every file, one always off-site.


          Once set up, it's a single click to copy new or modified files to the external, and then reverse on the other side. The catalog is treated as a single modified file, and so copied over every time. This means that any corruption will propagate (not that it ever happened) - but it's important to maintain a separate backup regime for the catalog.


          To save time, I exclude the preview folder. It takes a long time to copy, and will get rebuilt anyway.

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