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    Flashplayer installation stops at 5% on Windows 10 64-bit


      I'm trying to install Adobe Flashplayer on my Windows 10 64-bit PC.  I currently have Flashplayer installed.  I'm running Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2.  Flashplayer is enabled in Flashplayer ("Always Activate").  I set my anti-virus software to allow downloads from Adobe, and did not have problems with my last update of Adobe Flash on 10/12/16. 


      After downloading the installer today, I closed all browser windows before launching the installer.  The version of the installer I downloaded is flashplayer23_xa_install.exe; it's a 1.14 MB file.  When I launched it, it opened a window saying it's downloading:


      It never gets past 5%.  After a few minutes, the display shows an error message:

      There is no problem with the internet connection. This happens each time I try to install.  After hitting "Retry" and having the same thing happen again, I get a message saying the installation failed.  The installer executable, flashplayer23_xa_install.exe is then deleted from my system.


      I looked at the forums and hunted for the installation log files.  I checked C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashInstall.log and C:\Windows\syswow64\Macromed\Flash\FlashInstall.log.  In both folders, the versions of the FlashInstall.log that I found were for the last completed update, which was v. from 10/12/16.  It does not appear that a FlashInstall.log file was created for any aborted installation attempts of v. from today, 10/26/16.


      Looking for help getting this to work.