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    I use PS CS6 and would like to try Character Animator... but how?

    finnandme Level 1

      I only use the stand alone version of PS... CS6.


      I've seen the Character Animator and would like to try it to improve my attempt at getting my dog, Finn to talk.


      This is my first attempt: Finn the dog, sings Benedict Cumberbatch's "Can't Keep It Inside" - YouTube


      As you can see not brilliant.. so when I saw Adobe's Character Animator.. I thought that this could be the answer.


      I understand that it is a stand alone app, but you can only get it with AE!?


      As a retired teacher, I can not afford to join the cloud, or buy another program to get another program that comes with it, so my question is... Can I buy, Character Animator as a stand alone... please?


      Many thanks and fingers crossed!