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    ColdFusion ajax requests over SSL for cfselect or autosuggest

    Christopher Simmons_989 Level 1

      The code for these two fields below worked fine in ColdFusion 10.  We just upgraded to ColdFusion 2016 and it no longer works.  It looks like the requests are failing because they are trying to load over http and they need to be loaded over https because this is a secured application.  Is there a way to specify in the bind attribute somehow to make the request over https?  Or is there somewhere else to "fix" this?  Thanks


      <cfinput type="text" name="lastName" size="55" autosuggest="cfc:persons.getPerson({cfautosuggestvalue})" required="yes" message="You must enter a last name>." />


      <cfselect name="visitId" id="visitId" class="required" indonload="no" bind="cfc:visits.getVisits(id={subjectId@change}, availableAmt={availableAmt})">