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    After Updating to Newest CLI, iOS Icons & Splash Screens No Longer Work


      After updating my app with 4.0 cli, the app icon, and splash screen no longer loaded. I traced it down to the 4.0.1 release, and am not sure how to correct this. The documentation on the PhoneGap Build site looks the same as mine. Any help would be appreciated.


      (I'm not using an ipad version)


        <platform name="ios">

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon.png" width="57" height="57" />

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon-72-2x.png" width="144" height="144" />

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon-72.png" width="72" height="72" />

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon-2x.png" width="114" height="114" />

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon-50-2x.png" width="100" height="100" />

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon-60.png" width="120" height="120" />

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon-60-3x.png" width="180" height="180" />

        <icon src="res\icons\ios\icon-76.png" width="76" height="76" />

        <icon src="res\icons\android\icon-72-hdpi.png" width="152" height="152" />



        <splash src="res\screens\ios\screen-iphone-portrait-736h.png" width="1242" height="2208" />

        <splash src="res\screens\ios\screen-iphone-portrait-667h.png" width="750" height="1334" />

        <splash src="res\screens\ios\screen-iphone-portrait-568h-2x.png" width="640" height="1136" />

        <splash src="res\screens\ios\screen-iphone-portrait-2x.png" width="640" height="960" />

        <splash src="res\screens\ios\screen-iphone-portrait.png" width="320" height="480" />






        <platform name="android">

        <icon src="res\icons\android\icon-36-ldpi.png" qualifier="ldpi" />

        <icon src="res\icons\android\icon-48-mdpi.png" qualifier="mdpi" />

        <icon src="res\icons\android\icon-72-hdpi.png" qualifier="hdpi" />

        <icon src="res\icons\android\icon-96-xhdpi.png" qualifier="xhdpi" />

        <icon src="res\icons\android\icon-144-xxhdpi.png" qualifier="xxhdpi" />

        <icon src="res\icons\android\icon-192-xxxhdpi.png" qualifier="xxxhdpi" />



        <splash src="res\screens\android\screen-mdpi-portrait.png" qualifier="" />

        <splash src="res\screens\android\screen-hdpi-portrait.png" qualifier="" />

        <splash src="res\screens\android\screen-xhdpi-portrait.png" qualifier="" />




      My structure is








      I know this is the old structure, but this is still supposed to work I think, and the paths are ok.