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    Unexpected CFBundleExecutable Key - info.plist in iTunes connect




           When i put the app into iTunes connect via Application loader in Xcode, i got the error

      Unexpected CFBundleExecutable Key - The bundle at '/Payload/--------.app/www/Info.plist' does not contain a bundle executable. If this bundle intentionally does not contain an executable, consider removing the CFBundleExecutable key from its Info.plist and using a CFBundlePackageType of BNDL. If this bundle is part of a third-party framework, consider contacting the developer of the framework for an update to address this issue.


      I am not sure why does that issue occurred. I have an Info.plist in the root location, is it still required to have the info.plist? Or do i supposed to remove that, if that is what is causing the problem.