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    What size for capturing?

    marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

      I'm going to create video podcast showing people how to use software.
      What capture size shall I use? Is 1024x768 too big? What do people normally use?
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          retro74 Level 1
          Tough question. Software may or may not be compliant with 800 X 600 sizeing. So you may lose buttons or similar features if the programmer did not comply with an 800 X 600 minimum.

          If you use Captivate 4 you have an opton for the new TOC feature and that makes everything wider than 800 X 600

          Recording larger and scaling down will cause some distortion, but you can play around with your resolutoin from Standard to Optimized and you may find that 8 bit is too grainy in any resolution with the Captivate quality settings.

          I usually record at 800 X 600 for internet speed.

          If you are serving this up in a LMS package, then the LMS itself will take up some room.

          I do some recording at 1024 X 768 and this is a MAX that is a bit too big in most cases because of the Tray area at the bottom of Windows. Lots of people have IE6 or IE7 and a list of their favorite links on the left. That means that your 1024 X 768 presentation loses the left side to the Favorites bar and it seems that many people don't know to run this stuff at full screen (just press F11 in IE).

          So somewhere between 800 X 600 and 1024 X 768 is the way to go.

          You can size your application to fit inside the red Adobe rectangle prior to recording. You should try to be consistent in size as you do your demo presentations.

          If possible, try 800 X 600 first and then you can also try something that is 90% of 1024 X 768 and see if that works better.

          Another issue is 4:3 screens and 16:9 screens. As a business user, I am not a huge fan of 16:9 laptops, but it is fine on a 21" desktop monitor. You might want to account for 16:9 screens in your dimensions.

          Lets not forget about bandwidth. If it is playing on a corporate network, then you are fine. Lots of folks have high-speed access. I have not had any problems at 1024 X 768 (or shall I say 90% of that).

          Hope this helps a bit.

          Joe C.
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            marer1976 Adobe Community Professional
            Thanks very much for your detailed explanation. It helps a lot.
            I was watching some tutorials on lynda.com and I believe they are 800x600, so I'm going to stick with this size.
            Thanks a lot! :-)
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              marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

              I will do it on 800x600px. Thanks for help! 

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                hi - great question, and great response! i'm brand new to captivate, and am using a trial version of C4. i typically do demos i design myself in PPTX, and i love creating PPTXs, i am rather proficient at this point. i have attempted to import a PPTX into a C4 project i did that is screen captures of the software on which i train. the PPTX slides are all stretched out. i definitely want to be able to include PPTX with my C4 screen captures. what is the best way to accomplish this while staying within the 800x600 - 1024x768 guidelines? thanks!