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    Grid Layout Query. Can Someone Help ?


      Of late, I have been exploring on designing with Grid Layout. I have learnt a lot of articles which has helped get the essence but  I am still confused.


      I am working on a catalog project at the moment that is about 980 mm width x 337 mm Height.  The Width will be folded in 4 which means the catalog when closed would be about 245 mm x 337 mm Height. ( The size is taken considering less wastage of sheet in Printing . However, I am trying to get the golden ratio in the size. Not sure if Id be able to get.) I am also planning to fold a portion of the height towards up, so that its easy to carry in a bag.


      The Catalog will mostly consist of images of the products , specifications for each . So it will be more of images and less text.


      But I am unable to get the idea as to How I should go about setting the grid for this. Lot of Questions with respect to the margin, whether I should keep the gutters or not and more. How do I achieve a Golden Ratio in the Layout ?


      Here is a link to the rough Layout I have done.