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    Export to in-house legacy system


      i am very new to LR. I want to use LR to build album/collection, add annotations to each photo, do some editing (enhance contraste , images cropping etc...)

      and then at the end export the entire album/collection (photo + annotations + all metadata) to a my own software.

      I can customize my own software to adapt to whatever format LR will provide, but I need to know if LR has such capability.

      More specifically, for instance, how the annotations will be exported ? XML file ?

      Thank you

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is unclear  what you mean by "my own software". Lightroom,  by default, doesn't make any changes to your master images. All adjustments,, keywords, annotations, etc. are stored in the catalog.  The master images are left in a pristine state as they were downloaded from the camera. There is an option  in Lightroom preferences that enables you to write changes to XMP files.  This will write most of the adjustments and information  to a sidecar file that is accessible by other software. My suggestion would be for you to export  16-bit TIF files that contain all metadata, and then use those TIF files in  your own software.

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            hervel64485737 Level 1

            By "my own software" , I mean that I'm a software developer writing my own application to import data coming from LR.

            I did not know about the XMP file and TIFF. So I will play with LR and try this out. Thank, at least I have something to start looking at. Thanks !