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    Spry:  Works or not with AIR and Linking to external files

      I have a small site, set up through Dreamweaver CS3, that outputs without any problems outside of a few things.

      1. SPRY. I have an Accordion widget that works fine. I also have a spry repeat region that is generated from an XML. This also works fine when it's just run via a browser. When compiled in AIR, the first node populates properly, however when I click the "next" link to pull up the next node...nothing happens. I know the XML is loading and everything is parsing properly, just not fully functioning properly

      2. Some page linking has a lag

      Also, are there any secrets on linking in general? I have to launch a powerpoint file - when it's just .html you can point to the file and it'll launch. With the AIR app the links are pretty much dead.

      Any help is appreciated!