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    Interactive Document Fundamentals

    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

      Mike Rankin has just published an online training video on Lynda.com on creating interactive documents from InDesign CC.

      The Lynda blurb description is below.

      (I have no connection with Lynda.com, I thought some readers of this forum would find it useful )


      InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals


      Interactive documents are the new standard. Adobe InDesign was made for creating them. Publishing expert Mike Rankin offers a foundation for building interactive documents in InDesign CC, exploring what's possible with each kind of document: PDFs, ebooks, magazines, and more. Learn the basics of interactive objects like buttons and form fields, as well as techniques for setting up structured navigation with links, cross-references, bookmarks, and tables of contents. Next, learn how to add audio, video, and animation to your designs and tour Publish Online, Adobe's service for publishing InDesign documents to the web. Plus, take a look at some sample interactive document design workflows, including interactive PDF, reflowable EPUB, and fixed-layout EPUB. Along the way, Mike will point you to further resources for learning more about each specific document type.Topics include:

      • Overview of interactive document types, including PDF and EPUB
      • Creating interactive objects
      • Setting up hyperlinks, cross-references, and a table of contents
      • Working with media
      • Publishing documents with Publish Online
      • Creating EPUBs
      • Following workflows for interactivity: interactive PDF, reflowable EPUB, and fixed-layout EPUB