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    Lightroom sync stalled

    rick3403 Level 1

      I am syncing from an iPad to a desktop computer. The iPad has been stuck on upload pending for two days.  I have logged into my Adobe online account it shows many photos there.  It also shows many that are gray squares with a lightning bolt, stating syncing from iPad.  This has not change in over a day.  My desktop computer shows zero photos in the synced folder. My desktop Lightroom states that all syncing is up to date.  How do I unblock this so I can retrieve my photos from the iPad?

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          rick3403 Level 1

          If someone from Adobe in monitoring this forum, maybe you can help regarding the before mentioned problem.  The problem has escalated thanks to Adobe support.  I was told to delete the collection in my online account.  Then my devices would sync and all would be fine.  Well, my desktop computer did sync just fine.  I watched as the collections on my iPhone disappeared.  Out of fear of losing my work on the iPad, I disabled its WiFi upon startup.  So, now I have 265 edited images in Lightroom on my iPad and want to know how to get them off as intact raw files.  I am a professional photographer and fortunately did not try this while on assignment.  However, I would like to retrieve these files instead of downloading the memory cards and editing them a second time.  This is not helping my workflow.

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            rick3403 Level 1

            Since there is no way to access the RAW files, which seem to be imbedded in the Lightroom App.  This is a loss of valuable time for me.  I will certainly not use the App on any photo shoot, as the syncing is too unpredictable, and yes, I do have excellent data service.  I will also be sharing this experience with other photographers.  It is a shame, Lightroom Mobile has great potential for professional photographers, but too risky at this point.  Adobe needs to work more with photographers as they developed the service.

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              trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              See if any of these posts are helpful: https://forums.adobe.com/search.jspa?q=mobile+raw+file+sync&place=%2Fplaces%2F1383621&dept h=ALL


              I'm still waiting for raw file support on Android AND capability to sync raw files with edits from the tablet to desktop using a USB connection. IMHO the whole concept of having to "sync" large raw files via the Cloud is flawed.......as it appears you have experienced. Try using one of the file explorer apps to find the raw files on your iPad: Best iPad File Managers to Manage Files on Your iPad on The Go


              Perhaps someone else who is having success using LR Mobile for iOS with raw files can help out.

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                rick3403 Level 1

                Thanks for your reply, none of those posts addressed this issue.  The file manager Apps look promising and I will definitely check them out, thanks.  I just decided to write off those iPad edited files, so I download the originals from my memory cards and started processing from scratch.  A waste of time, but not as bad as it could have been.  I am truly surprised that Adobe seems to be not interested in this issue, and the advice I received from support was worse than useless.  I assume they do not know what to do about it.  My advice to anyone who wants to use RAW files with Lightroom Mobile is, don't.  There is a good chance they will not sync to the desktop computer.  This seems to be a great service for casual shooters who use their phone or pad with JPGs, but not for professionals who shoot RAW.  I will continue to use my laptop on assignments to do any processing in the field.  One of the other issues that photographers have repeatedly brought up is the lack of keywording ability in the mobile App.  There is a great little plugin by PhotoSmith that I have used on my iPad.  It is a great time saver to use during downtime, such as on flights.

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                  trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You might try looking and/or posting at lightroomforums.net. Look in http://www.lightroomforums.net/forums/lightroom-mobile-sync.75/. Good luck and if you figure this out it would be helpful to post your solution back here for others.

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                    GeorgeN3835901 Level 1

                    Rick3403 - I understand your frustration on sync disruptions. There seem to be glitches, one of which for me is the accidental inclusion of a video clip in a sync collection results in hiccups.

                    But an underlying issue is you didn't understand the process regardless of sync disruptions. My Honda Accord won't go off reading like a Land Rover. Should I trash talk Honda for building an inferior product that doesn't meet customer needs? RTFM up front to understand Smart Previews and how LR works with mobile.